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  • About SADR
NSSDC SADR is a secure storage and sharing platform for the article data in the field of Space Science aiming to provide data services (e.g. data acquisition, long-term preservation, publishing, sharing and access) for researchers, research projects/teams, journals, institutions, universities, etc. Supporting a variety of data acquisition and licensing. NSSDC SADR is dedicated to promoting data findable, citable and reusable on the prerequisite of protecting the rights and interests of data owners. It is built by National Space Science Data Center and operated by Chinese Academy of Sciences Computing and Network Information Center.
  • Our Mission
NSSDC SADR devote to become a repository of article data in the field of Space Science. The repository ensures the long-term and secure storage of article data, providing data publishing and accessing services to the international science community, academic journals, publishers, and other stakeholders. Its mission is to promote the findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability of scientific data (FAIR Principles), and cultivate data sharing culture in Chinese space science community.
  • Key features